PPC - Pay Per Click

PPC - Pay Per Click Services

PPC or Pay Per Click or Google Ad-word, Pay Per Click Campaign, Google Sponsored Ads and so on. All are one and the same. PPC refers to the sponsored ads displayed on Google’s SERP’s on the Top, Bottom and the Right marked with (AD) highlighted in Yellow. But recently Google has announced removal of all right hand side Ads on SERPs worldwide. Just like market for the SEO is being renowned, the same way the Pay Per Click market is also growing rapidly. In now a day not only the market growing also the Cost Per Click (CPC) is also increasingly tremendously. CPC refers to the cost per click incurred while users click your Ads.

Studies say that the cost of the keywords in past few years has been increased by more than 25% for some of the industries. So it is important for Individuals or SME’s to have a professional for the same. To manage the daily budget, lower the keyword cost by optimizing the campaigns, Ad Groups, Ads Quality Score. Here we come into the picture, EWEBAC has a team of Professionals, highly skilled and Google Ad-Word Certified Professionals that handles and manages campaign on your behalf. We not only manage the campaign but also focus on Lead Generation & Tracking Part too.

Being Certified Google Partner Company, EWEBAC can lead your company to the Right Target Audience at the right time and at the right place with a Minimum Cost. We have worked on Handsome projects varies with different budget, various industries, Specific Requirement and much more.

Benefits of PPC ( Pay Per Click ):

  • GEO Specific Targeting
  • Instant Result
  • Instant Traffic
  • Better ROI
  • Good for Events & Offers Promotions
  • Target Specific Audience
  • Grow Business Rapidly
  • Re-marketing
  • Text & Display Ads
  • Ads on GDN (Google Display Network)


  • Google Ad-word Certified Partner.
  • We create campaigns to generate good ROI.
  • Google Ad-word Certified Individuals.
  • Operates 24x6. Email, Phone, Chat Support.
  • We have a Lot of Success Stories, Take a Look.
  • We also keep track on your competitors.

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