Do You Have a Website? Is Your Website Mobile Ready?

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Having a website is most important for businesses, whether they operate online or offline. Websites have become a vital part for the business as they are the first face of the businesses to its customers or TG (Target Groups).

However, About 60 percent of very small businesses (made up of one to five people) still don’t have websites, according to a recent survey. Of those, about 12 percent has FB pages – Source.

This states that a major part of the businesses have less or no exposure to the Internet, or they have no idea about the power of the Internet and what they can achieve from the same.

But, those 40 percent businesses that have a website, For them a New question has arisen, Is their website is Mobile Ready? As per the study’s India Just Crossed 1 Billion Mobile Subscribers Milestone And The Excitement’s Just Beginning according to Forbes India, and China are only two countries in the world have cross over a billion people. Also “A big chunk of these billion mobile subscribers will become smartphone users in the next couple of years, that is the thrilling next wave,” said Amresh Nandan, a research director at Gartner India.

How the world talks – Subscription per 100 people


Here, EWEBAC – SEO Company in Mumbai can help your businesses to get your website re-designed with its website makeover or website designing services at affordable price with full responsive design.

So it is important for businesses that their website should be a mobile ready or also called as the responsive website. Getting your website designed with SEO Companies can add a lot of value-added services for your businesses like SEO Friendly URL’s, User Friendly Interface, Error-Free Website, etc.

Mobile Ready or Mobile Friendly or Mobile Responsive website cannot only help you to serve you audience in a much better way, but also it will help you to beat your competitors and win in SEO, One of the most important medium of online marketing after pay per click.

Conclusion: Having a website is most important for businesses, but having a mobile ready or responsive website is much more important than just having a website. As, most of the user have already started browsing on mobile phone or smart phone as compare to desktop. This will also help the business to tap these audiences and reach their goal when it comes to digital marketing. As Google as well prefers a website should be mobile friendly.

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