How Website Designing Effects SEO?

Since, we are in the SEO field very long now. We got a question asking us by the client that how website designing affect SEO.

Below are some of the Effects:

The Navigation Structure: It is important that the website navigation structure should be very appropriate and up to the mark. One can find each everything very smoothly. As in the main service or products should be placed at the centre so that it can be finding easily to the users.

The Color Combination: You might have sawn most of the sites using Dark color (especially black), but that should avoid. Rather than that there is a lot of beautiful colors are there which you can use. If your logo is of Black Color, Don’t worry, you can use white background with grey strips and something close to you. Now we have solved your query.

The URL Structure: The URL structure plays a vital role when it comes to promotion, online marketing and other source of promotion. The URL should be clean and neat. As most of the designer don’t knows the importance of URL’s. Below are some of the best practices for URL structure.

  1. The URL should be SEO friendly. For e.g. not
  2. Do not put spaces in between the url’s.
  3. To avoid the spaces use hyphen (-) rather than underscore (_).
  4. For SEO, if possible avoid one page websites.

Use of Jquery Instead of Java Scripts: Another factor which can harm your website in getting good traffic is the use of Java Scripts. Most of the search engines do not crawl java scripts, also it results in an increase in page loading time. Instead of that you can use Jquery. One of the most important points to make a note of is always avoid having Intro page on your website.

Error Free Websites: This is something which no one bothers. Neither the designer nor the web promotion companies. This is what, which occurs at the time of designing so it’s important to get it solved at the time when the website is in designing process. There are certain SEO Companies that make this point as an SEO work, and they try to solve the error until it’s possible for them, may god bless them.

Broken Links Get Solved: This is one of the very common problems any website can have. Broken Link or Dead Links. While navigating on your website, sometime you see some of the pages are not working so thus are called broken link or dead links. This needs to be solved as soon as possible as it creates a very bad impression in the eye of search engines as well users.

Responsiveness: Last but not the least, responsiveness of the website. According to latest Google’s algorithm updates. One should have a responsive website which means it should be compatible with Desktop, Laptop, and all Mobile Devices. According to the latest update those who have not responsive website, they will suffer a decrease in ranking only on mobile. This update will impact only mobile searchers.

Conclusion: As we have seen most common problems, one can face while opting for the SEO services. This blog is for those who are planning for website designing, re-designing and having a problem while doing SEO for their website. So now you got your answer of How Website Designing Affects SEO.

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