Top 9 SEO Trends for 2018

Since Google has been introduced their lot, many changes have been made to serve you with the best result, as a user. As a marketer or publishers, they have also experienced some of the major changes in their website ranking, traffic positively or sometime negatively and the story keeps on moving.

Now as we are in 2018, there are a lot many changes have been taken place. So let’s see what are the major trends and the updates that Google has in Stock for us. We further will try to explain here. What are the latest trends or the SEO Techniques one should use in 2018?

Google Voice Search –

google voice search

Google Voice Search has been introduced in Year 2002 by Google Inc. These search commands are usually used by smart phone users to look up or search anything on Google by using their voice command, Whether the search was related to any Individuals, Product, Services or simple any information, they are looking for. This is not only time saving for the user, but also it is effortless, and users are interacting with the Search engine results with their voices. Simply one has to ask the personal assistance what they want to search on Google. Because of Voice Search, the search queries have been drastically changed, and it has completely changed the way businesses think about SERP (Search Engine Result Pages).

Takeaways from Google Voice Search

  • You need to make sure your mobile site or the desktop sites do not block Google Bot to crawl any part of your website, especially its CSS Files, Videos, Images, etc.
  • Your website should be super fast when it comes to page loading time.
  • Avoid Using Flash Content.
  • One can target Google Auto Complete Keywords – The Keyword which appears automatically when we perform any searches.
  • Create such contents, which should answer the queries made by the users.
  • Last but not the least, Do register your business on Google My Business


Structured Data Markup –


Structured Data is a technique of presenting your web pages in a much better way to the user as well as to the search engine bots. In other words, it’s a way of telling search engines how to interpret content displayed on the web pages and how to interpret the same in the SERPs.

Though Google has never official said it is one of the important ranking signals, but it helps user to get the information right in front of their eye without visiting the sites in some cases, especially for Flights Booking, Restaurants, Publishers, etc. It also helps in attracting user and improves CTR (Click through Rate) for the website. Multiple real-life experiments show an increase in clicks boosts rankings for a shorter or longer period of time.

Takeaways from Structured Data Markup

  • Start implementing structure data markup
  • Tools for implementing the same :
  • Schema for SEO is a good place to start
  • Once done with the implementation, test it before putting it live


Content Marketing –

Content Marketing

As we all know “Content is King” but what about the Queen?

Almost 97% of your effort’s don’t brings results when it comes to Content Marketing. This is because there is no proper channel of publishing the content, the quality of the content not the quantity, etc.

Content marketing was and will be one of the most important SEO Trends. One should focus on creating an Informative Content by targeting proper keywords, generating best performing content, which should have highest user engagement rates.

Takeaways from Content Marketing

  • Hire a professional bloggers
  • Create an Informative and Interactive Content
  • Measure and compare user engagement rates
  • Content can be anything Video, Info graphics, Webinars, etc. not only text
  • Align your keyword strategy along with the content generation
  • Try to get a backlinks from the most trusted domains


Mobile First Index –


As per the statistics, the number of mobile and tablet users as compare to desktop are tremendously increasing over a period of time, and now it has grown on such a level that desktop traffics are considered as secondary. Smart phones users worldwide estimated to reach 2.87 billion by 2020. One cannot ignore such a potential customer based in 2018.

Though Google still considers a desktop version of a website for rankings, but when it comes to mobile search, it may prefer a website which is mobile friendly. Here you should know that the SERPs difference in Desktop Search and Mobile Search. It is important for businesses to have responsive website and attracts the potential customers who used smart phones.

Takeaways from Mobile First Index

  • Your website should have responsive design
  • Similar Content on both the version of a website
  • Do not use sub-domain for mobile website separately
  • Follow Same Internal Linking


‘Linkless’ backlinks / Brand Mentions –


For a decade, links were one of the most important trusted signals for search engines, today also it is one of the important aspects but the now the picture has been changed. Linkless mentions most probably stand equivalent to off page signal of equal weight.

Google Rankbrain – One of the updated Google Algorithms, can easily associate mentions with brands and uses such a brand mentions to determine a website’s authority. So it doesn’t matter, whether you have a link connecting to your website or not.

Takeaways from Linkless Backlinks

  • While publishing your content on the website, you can go linkless
  • You can always mention your brand name
  • You can monitor the Brand Mentions by using various tools available


Long Tail Keywords –


Normally, there are types of Keywords or Query i.e. Short Tail and Long Tail. Here we are talking about Long-tail keywords. This is generally a phrase that contains more than three words, and these long tail keywords are considered as a more specific and less competitive as compare to short tail or generic keywords.

Long tail keywords are also called as Goal Conversion Keywords. Here user describes his or her exact requirement from the SERPs.

For Example, consider “SEO” this is a short tail keyword and takes a lot of efforts to get rank for and here the user’s intention is not clear that what is looking for, whether he is looking for What is SEO? SEO Blogs, SEO Online Lessons or looking for SEO Company.

“SEO Company in Mumbai” this is an example of Long tail keyword or descriptive keywords. Here user’s intension is clear that he is looking for SEO Company based in Mumbai who can serve him with the SEO Services, and the company should be based in Mumbai.

Long-tail keywords are mostly searched by the people who are looking for an immediate solution.

Takeaways from Long Tail Keywords


Local SEO –


As we have read above, the number of smart phone users are increasing tremendously, due to which the new search queries have been introduced i.e. “Near Me”

Now a day’s all users have a smart phone and with the help of Google Map’s it is very easy to locate any businesses or restaurant or the company along with their information like business hours, addresses, phone numbers, email id, etc. Even user can also read reviews and more.

Recently, a new feature has been added to that, FAQ Feature. Google Maps let users to ask questions to business owners and allows businesses to respond to their queries.

For businesses, it is important to list their website on Google My Business along with their possible information, which can be shareable with their targeted users. Updating your Google My Business page will increase your chances to get featured in Google Local Results or Google Maps.

Takeaways from Local SEO

  • Do register your business with Google My Business
  • Informative Content on your website
  • Do select proper category for your business
  • Implement Schema Structured Data


Position Zero –


Have you ever heard this term in SEO? Not yet…! Don’t worry I will help you out with this. An SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages) consist of 10 results on a page 1 to 10. However, now apart from these, there is a new race to position zero. It is nothing, but the result which you see while searching for question type query like What, How, When, etc.

These types of results are nothing but featured snippets, which received most of the CTR (Click through Rate). If you have content type in sequence like Steps, Process, Tables then the chances are more to get your website on position “ZERO”

Takeaways from Position Zero

  • Understanding the Opportunity for your site
  • Finding Keywords candidates for Featured Snippets
  • Create Steps, List types content on your website


Web Page Speed / Page Loading Time –


Website page loading time is one of the crucial aspects that one shouldn’t neglect. Website speeds have been direct co-relation with your revenue. A single second delay in loading a web page can impact your business revenue badly.

On an average, a website should get loaded completely within 3-5 sec. Lower the time higher the revenue and vice-versa. Here, we have already covered a point “Mobile First Index” which showed us that most of the traffic is shifting from desktop to mobile or Smartphone’s. So it is important for businesses to have a responsive design to serve their users, using phone or similar device. At the same time, they also need to ensure that their website should serve them with the best user experience.

Takeaways from Page Loading Time

  • Only having a responsive website is not the-end
  • Your website should be fast enough to serve the smart phone users
  • At the same time you also need to serve them good user experience


Wrap Up’s:

With five months of Studies, 19 Weeks of Practices, 3600 hours of Analysis took us at last to share some valuable content for you. Hope you might have got something interesting to read about the latest SEO Trends in 2018 which one can follow and win the race. Stay tuned on our blog, we will keep posting about the important topics and the latest trends happening in the world of SEO.

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