Hiring a SEO Company? Have you asked these five things to them?

In the recent year, there has been a tremendous change in the way business gets promoted on the Internet. From the era of loads of content stuffed with keywords in an unnatural and absurd way, we are today in the era of meaningful, specific content. Black hat techniques have been replaced by valid and authentic White Hat techniques. Google algorithms are evolving year after year, making the Google rating system further fair and unbiased. In such a scenario, it is not sufficient to hire just any SEO Companies, but you need a seasoned web promotion company that knows the crux of grabbing the attention of most of the viewers.

When you hire a Digital Marketing Agency, you must ask five critically important things. If you get a satisfactory answer for all, then you have made the right choice.

Is the submission work manual or automated?

If the Company hired by you uses automated tools for submissions, then it is a dreadful thing today. Some search engines and directories deny the submissions received from automated tool. In such case, you are missing the very purpose of submissions. They should tell about the mode of submission and who does it? Do they outsource it further, or their on-roll employees do it? Make sure that they obtain the submission form from the site. It is a troublesome thing, but it is authentic.

Will you be given the proof of submission?

You should get the confirmation soft copy for each submission. It solves two purposes. First, you know the actual status of the submissions. Second, you know that there was only one submission for one site. It is not the question of believing or disbelieving but professional attitude. Many Digital Marketing Companies sends an automated response to the client about daily submission status.

Do they follow the practice of BCC?

If the agency hired by you follows the practice of BCC, then it is not the right agency to work with. Sending BCC is as offensive as unsolicited calls or messages. It irritates the viewers. Therefore, get the details from the agency hired.

Do they follow target marketing or indiscriminate firing?

In the era of segmented marketing, you must hire an agency that works explicitly with the relevant websites. There is no point in firing without an aim.

Which SEO Techniques They Follow?

One of the most important questions while hiring SEO Company for your business, that which SEO techniques they follow and what is the login behind the same.

When you ask these questions to the SEO Companies, you get clarity about their working style and caliber. It is important from the success perspective.

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