Google’s Latest Update – ON Encrypted Data

Today, we are going to talk about Google’s latest update. Those who are already aware regarding this update just brush up your mind and for those who aren’t aware for those it’s a new thing in the search.

Recently there was new update from Google’s end for that website that has encrypted data in their website. Yes I am talking about the same HTTPS, SSL, etc. Gone are the days when search engines are not very keen to crawl a site with https. But now for improving the search quality Google has implemented this update which will enable the search engine bots to crawl and fetch the data of a website that has https or ssl things in their website.

Previously most of the websites like shopping cart based website where user use to give their data like name, address, credit card details, etc. They must required to have the SSL certificate or domain with https, as they have a confidential data with them, but search engine use to ignore such website for most the time and thus they lack visibility in the search engine. Also websites like application based where you go and create or customize your design and then make an order or purchase a products. The same issue this website also faced due to secure socket layer.

But now hats off too Google that they have consider these website too to include in the search and to improve the search results. Because of this update most the sites which do not have the HTTPS or SSL they will face some drop in ranking as these types of website are going to acquire their place and rule over the search result.


Though Google is still king of the search engine. But improvising the search on a regular interval is also important. Now, there will be no problem faced by the websites owner or the webmasters who are trying to boost their ranking and increasing their visibility in the search. Also for the SEO Companies who are managing their client’s website or the business owners who are handling their own stuff that will face some drop in ranking can also maximize their efforts by offering quality services or products.

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