Google Voice Search – Are you ready to get heard?

Google Voice Search is nothing but a simple way which allows a user to perform Google Search by using voice command on your smartphones, tablets or laptops for the product, services or information he wants to know about.

Voice Search is one of the fastest growing trends, which is rapidly adopting by many users over the web. Google Voice Searches are fast, convenient and provide instant results, which are more accurate as 90% percent on today’s date.

So it is important to every business who deals online to put more focus on Google Voice Search because more than 60% of users have already started using voice search. This states that optimizing for the voice search is going to be one of the major keys to your SEO success in 2017.

It is important to identify the search behavior between voice search and a traditional search type. As a human, we can type 40 wpm but can speak 150 words per minute. So it indicated that there will a different term or query will be used for each search type. Regular searches typically include only keywords (“SEO Company in Mumbai”) short tail & long tail, whereas voice search users will use strings not only the long tail keywords but maybe beyond that (Best SEO Company in Mumbai Near Me).

As per the Higher Visibility Report, 53% of the user performed voice search while driving and another 21% while doing another activity.



What should be your SEO Strategy to be in the competition and tap these target groups?

Long Tail Keywords: Target the Longtail or descriptive type keywords rather than short tail keywords, especially when it comes to voicing search. Go for natural content therapy for your website. In simple words, target keywords in your content like you are answering the query made by the user while using voice search.

Mobile Friendly Website: It is important that your website should be mobile friendly as most of the searches are happening on Mobile, Tablets as compare to Desktops, secondly mobile friendliness is one of the rankings signals for SEO.

Google My Business (GMB): You must apply for Google My Business for your retail store, restaurants or online business, and it should be unique, avoid duplication if any. Most importantly you must verify your listing with exact details.

Business Listings: It is important to be consistent with (NAP) for your retail store, restaurants or online business Name, Address and Phone Number. These details of your business should be consistent across your all online profiles, business listings, including your website.

Google Reviews: It is important to focus on your Google Reviews for your business. Try to get some genuine reviews of your client or customer to whom you have been served, give them some discount or some free stuff for doing so. People love free stuff. While replying to positive review it is also important to address negative reviews too.

Conclusion: With an increasing demand for Google Voice Search, It is important for businesses to opt for the mobile-friendly website along with modifying content like answering the query which user made while using voice search for their business related keywords.

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