Google Hummingbird Update – SEO Tips & Tricks

Google has rolled out its new search algorithm is called “Hummingbird” “means precise and fast”. Most of the people related to search industry directly or indirectly must wondered a lot about Google’s hummingbird update. So what actually is hummingbird update? What are the prons & cons of this update? How badly it will hurt a site who tried to manipulate to achieve the top rankings?

All we have to keep in mind that all the update which is rolled out from Google has only one motto to serve not only with the best result but also with related results too. It has been over a month this update has been rolled out.

Gone are the days for the website to get rank that just has the matching character in their domain or content. For e.g. when people search for an ice cream parlor near home, then they used to get a website on the top of the result which consists of that word ice cream parlor in their domain or in the title.

Here it plays a vital role, these update has bring a revolution in the SEO industry. With the help of hummingbird it not only sees the word but also understands the meaning of the content which is mentioned and on basis of that it shows you the relevant result. So now just having a keyword rich domain and the keyword rich content is not sufficient. Your content should be precise and fast just like is called about.

Also it badly affect a brand in somehow, For e.g. A search for “LIC premium pay online” used to bring up the home page for LIC but now should return the specific page about pay online premiums.

Now everyone has the same question that this means SEO is dead? Not at all. SEO will never die; in fact Google’s saying all the guidelines remains same, have original content, high quality back links, etc.

Below are some of the SEO Tips & Tricks for Hummingbird Update:

  • Be precise and fast.
  • Have original content.
  • Content should be written in such a way it should answer the question not only stuffing the keywords.
  • Only quality back links.
  • Yes, Social signals are also became most important.
  • Share your content socially.

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