What is Golden Words in SEO?

What is Golden Words in SEO? After reading the title everyone must think about the same, what is Golden Words in SEO? Is it, a brand-new technique or it’s a new algorithm by Google?

The answer is “none of the above.” As we all know about keywords which, plays a vital role in SEO for every business. Normally, Keywords are of Two Types: Short Tail Keywords and Long Tail Keywords. However, after doing research on user behavior and the terminology or the keywords which a user types in Google for searching information, products or services always use Long Tail Keywords, which is also called as Goal Conversion Keywords. Now you will think, Golden Words and Goal Conversion Keywords as exactly same? The answer again is “NO.”

For every business, there is certain set of Goal Conversion Keywords, which drives relevant traffic to the website and ends up with a sale. In that set of Keywords, there are few keywords, which drive most numbers of traffic to the website and such keywords we refer as Golden Keywords. Here most of the people get to confuse, because it is not always necessary that the keywords which are driving that can be considered as Golden Keywords there can be some keywords, which driving less traffic as compare to other keywords but every keywords gets a click that becomes  conversions. Yes Now, You Got My Point.

Golden words can be both, Short Tail or Long Tail Keywords this is the reason is not as same as your Long Tail Keywords or Goal Conversion Keywords. For every business, it is always important to find out the Golden Words for their business. This data can be easily fetched through Google Analytics, A Free tool by Google. Just you need to set up an account, generate code, implement it on your web pages you want to track.

If you are not comfortable in setting up a Google Analytics for your website, EWEBAC will help you with the same.

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