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Top 9 SEO Trends for 2018

Since Google has been introduced their lot, many changes have been made to serve you with the best result, as a user. As a marketer or publishers, they have also experienced some of the...

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Keyword in Domain, Does it really matter?

Keyword in Domain. The word itself describes what it is. Keywords are the most important part in SEO – Search Engine Optimization. Without keywords, SEO cannot be possible. So it is important to target...

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No More Un-Skippable Ads on YouTube

Yup! Guys you heard the same… Now there will be No More Un-skippable ads on YouTube. YouTube is a biggest Video Sharing website in India and all over the world. You can upload a...

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What is Golden Words in SEO?

What is Golden Words in SEO? After reading the title everyone must think about the same, what is Golden Words in SEO? Is it, a brand-new technique or it’s a new algorithm by Google?...

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How Website Designing Effects SEO?

Since, we are in the SEO field very long now. We got a question asking us by the client that how website designing affect SEO. Below are some of the Effects: The Navigation Structure:...

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